Juan Roig

Roig Arena Sponsor

“My commitment to a project like the construction of an Arena is a great source of pride for me, as it allows me to continue contributing through actions to raise the visibility and reputation of the city of Valencia and the Valencian Community.

When we first began work on this entrepreneurial idea, we were clear that the initiative needed to be not just sustainable but also a joint project that added value for all Valencians and addressed real local needs.

Investing in the construction of this Arena seeks to altruistically provide the city with a leading international venue that stimulates the entertainment sector.”


Héctor Hernández

Legacy and finance managing director at Mercadona

Víctor Sendra

Roig Arena managing director

Jose Manuel Benito

Director of administration

Pedro Ortiz

Director of communications

Víctor Ferre

Construction technical director

Ismael Padilla

General construction coordinator

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